2014-01-01-02 Nepean River - Conservation Kayaking Penrith Weir to Russel Street

Over the Christmas break, I wanted to spend some time in the area along the Nepean river  just upstream of  the Russell Street access point treating the black willows we had mapped and also walking though the Casuarina forests on both sides of the river to make sure we have found and treated all the black willows. But whilst doing this i have started treating other willow taxa and also other woody weeds like Gleditsia, Box Elders and Mulberry Trees. The reason for treating the other weeds is there are some great camp sites along the river which were previously covered in Lantana and so keeping them clear will allow people to paddle, walk, fish and camp along the river.

Also after seeing how some of the larger black willows had survived our initial treatment i decided to purchase a cordless drill for the Willow Warriors to we can get through the thicker bark on the older trees and improve the kill rate. The drill is also less demanding on the operator and so at the end of the day i am not as tied as i usually ar after a day using the chisel and mallet and so was able to do 4 days in a row on the river and could have done more

As we found found a number of black willow hybrids plus some white willow or white willow hybrid seedling I have also been treating white willows and easily treated crack willows. 

I did not publicize the trips as i wanted to sort out how to us the cordless drill and also figure out what else i could do at the same time as treating the black willows

Participants:  Jeff Cottrell and Fred Wood also camp along on one of the days

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