2014-03-09 Nepean River - Conservation Kayaking Russel Street Emu Plains to Devlin Road Castlereagh

This trip focussed on the black willows between Russel Street and Jackons Lane (the first two kilometers of the river) that we skipped on previous trips becuase i though i could always do them just paddling from Russel Street but i have never got arond to it. I think everyone one have a great day. We had 10 new volunteers and one second timer plus three regulars. We treated about 40 willows most of which had been pushed over in the 2012-13 floods

Participants: New volunteers: Parth Khatri, Aaron Flynn, Ani Gupta,Narelle Duroy, Dearnne Wilson, Caroline Huynh, Alexander Burjan, Gordon Watson, Peter Curtis, Anne Bennett and regular or return volunteers Janet Heinz, Kelvin Montague, Yant Kong, Jeff Cottrell and Doug Clark would have joined us if I gave him the new meeting point

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