2014-03-15-16 Nepean River - Conservation Kayaking Penrith Weir to Shaws Farm Yellomundee

This trip we pulled up some Ludwidgia in the pond just downstream of Penrith Weir but realise it was going to take too long to remove them all and so moved on. We then treated 10 black willows down to Russel Street. Levaving a few near russel street. We hd treated the black willows down to Jacksons Lane on the last trip so we paddled past them and treated another 45 in the long pond to Shaws Island and so we have now treated all the black willows we have sen in this section except the ones near russle street and so we will probably not paddle this section for a couple of months. We met up with Ranger Paul Glass and Danny and Vicki Let members of the Yellomundee Aborigianl Bushcare Group at Shaws Farm Yellomundee Regional PArk and after collecting the vehilces we camped overnight and helping tidy up the tree planting donw last July and then did followup weeding of lantana and other weeds in the areas cleared of lantana 2012-13. We have a few storms roll through n Saturday moring so we cancelled the afternoon paddle to Yarramundi Bridge

Participants: Megan Rowlatt, Chris Brunero, Mollie Snelling, Leo Stevens, Toni Stevens, Doug Clark and Jeff Cottrell

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