Arakoon (South West Rocks NSW)

Arakoon Bitou Bush Program

Arakoon (South West Rocks NSW)

Arakoon (South West Rocks NSW)

Lord Howe Island Weed Program

Lord Howe Island covers an area of 1455 ha (11km long & up to 2.8km wide) and is situated about 760km north east of Sydney. A number of smaller offshore islands lie adjacent to main island which comprise the Lord Howe Island Group. The Island group is World Heritage Listed being renown for its unique beauty, ecological values and high level of species endemism. At least 47% of its vascular flora is endemic. The island also provides significant breeding habitat for sea birds and a number of nomadic & endemic land birds including the endangered Lord Howe Island Woodhen.
Weed invasions have been identified as a primary threat (as with rodents) to the integrity of the Islands ecology. The majority of weeds on LHI are fleshy fruited and are dispersed by birds. To achieve eradication requires a landscape/ Island wide approach to weed control.
Since 2004 the Lord Howe Island Board has been embarking on an ambitious strategy to eradicate key noxious and environmental weeds from across the entire Island. The weed management strategy has been funded through the Lord Howe Island Board with significant resourcing from Federal & State Government Agencies. The combination of financial contributions from the LHI Board and Government has enacted the primary control of woody weeds from at least 80% of the island and the follow-up of weed blocks across 40% of the island.

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