Arakoon (South West Rocks NSW)

Arakoon Bitou Bush Program

Arakoon (South West Rocks NSW)

Arakoon (South West Rocks NSW)

Adventure Conservation Overview

Get out, get fit and make a difference!

Adventure conservation is an opportunity to have fun and make a difference at the same time. Adventure conservation activities support local Landcare efforts and deliver important conservation outcomes that could not be done by conventional paid staff because it is too expensive or logistically impossible.


Click here to view a booklet containing some of the Adventure conservation projects we know about with what their conservation objectives are and what activities are on offer for volunteers. The individual posters can also be seen by clicking on the "read more" against each of the projects listed below.

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Outdoor Adventure enthusiasts who go fishing, kayaking, rafting, bush walking, climbing, canyoning, four wheel driving or horse or mountain bike riding can provide valuable input into managing our natural environment whilst having fun. Trained volunteers, who enjoy adventure activities, can provide great value to conservation in remote areas and areas of high conservation value by recording what they see, removing isolated small infestations of weeds, and doing the essential follow up monitoring of previous restoration programs, as they would normally go through these areas anyway. By assisting in managing our natural resources you can build a relationship with the National Parks, Forestry and Crown land managers which can lead to improved access to these areas. Participating in these activities with local landowners and managers can, in some programs, mean you have a local guide to update you on local issues and stories about the land.

Similarly, being part of the Landcare family and helping other Landcare groups across the country, lets us get out of the city and our work environment and help
landowners care for their country with the added bonus of getting to paddle, ride or walk areas not normally accessible to the general public. Volunteers will also build up their bush regeneration skills, which can then be adapted to their own local situation, providing additional value to the programs by not having to be trained.

Put simply “Adventure Conservation is fun, challenging and takes place in wild places. It delivers important conservation outcomes that could not be done by conventional paid staff because it is too expensive or logistically impossible. Volunteers can find activities that suit a broad range of ages, fitness levels, conservation skills and wilderness experience. But they all have one thing in common they can be done by people who care about wild places and want to protect them for future generations”

- Geoff Luscumbe


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