Illawarra Intrepid Landcare

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Published: Wednesday, 27 February 2013 17:03
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A team of adventurous volunteers (late teens to early 30's) meets once a month and travels around assisting a different Landcare / Bushcare group in the Illawarra.

We carry out environmental restoration activities, explore the local area and have fun while we do it!

A couple of times in the year we will venture out of the area and see what's happening in other regions. On these projects we explore what scenic delights that region has to offer, do something fun like kayaking, swimming or bushwalking, and help other environmental groups such as NPWS, private landholders, farmers and other adventure conservation groups carry out environmental projects. Check out our gallery to see what we've been up to over the years.

New members are ALWAYS welcome, and these are some of the things you will get out of joining our projects...

There are some incredible sites out there that need our help and activities include creek restoration, bushland regeneration, and open space revegetation.

Each Landcare project is topped off with a social event whether it be a game of beach cricket and a swim in warmer months, a BBQ, or a meal and a game of pool at the local. Our overnight projects often involve camping along the banks of a river, visits to swimming holes, cave tours, bushwalks and more!

to read more about upcoming events go to the events page on their web site