Arakoon (South West Rocks NSW)

Arakoon Bitou Bush Program

Arakoon (South West Rocks NSW)

Arakoon (South West Rocks NSW)

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Conservation Kayaking on the Hawkesbury Nepean

This program involves day trips in kayaks along the Hawkesbury and Nepean Rivers and in the Hawkesbury floodplain wetlands to treat the Black Willows not previously removed. Kayaks, paddling gear and mapping and treatment tools are provided by Willow Warriors. The goal of the program is to eradicate black willows from the Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment to protect the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and Hawkesbury Floodplain Wetlands.

The Black Willow Control project in the Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment extends along the Hawkesbury and Nepean Rivers between Wisemans Ferry and Wallacia. Then up along the major tributaries including the Warragamba, Wollondilly, Coxes, Grose, Colo and MacDonald Rivers plus Cattai, South and Erskine Creeks. But there are also infestations of Black Willows in smaller creeks, farm dams and a number of Hawkesbury Floodplain wetlands. The Black Willow Control program started in the late 1990s when infestations were found deep inside the Blue Mountains, Wollemi and Yengo National Parks and large infestation were dominating some of the flood plain wetlands and sallow sections of the rivers in the catchment. The project started with controlling the black willows in the Colo, MacDonald and Grose Rivers, Cattai Creek and also the main river between Penrith and Cattai, but slowed down around 2004 and as a result some of the areas were re-infested. In 2008 we started doing monitoring and follow up treatment in the tributaries and in 2010 we started to focus on primary control of black willows on public land along the Hawkesbury and Nepean Rivers. We hope to complete this during 2015 and then start to work on the galleries in the creeks, dams and wetlands on private property. In February 2014 Black Willows were declared a noxious weed in most regions of NSW.

Along the Hawkesbury and Nepean rivers the riparian zone is generally dominated by weeds including Willows, Gleditsia, Box Elders, Mulberry, Lantana, Privet, Tobacco Bush, Caster Oil, African Love Grass, Wondering Dew, Madera Vine, Balloon Vine and Cape Ivy. So on the Black willow Activities we focus on Black Willows because they spread up to 60km by wind blow seed into the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and the Floodplain Wetlands. If we do not focus on just the one weed we would never be able to prevent it re-infesting areas we have cleared

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Conservation Rafting - Murrumbidgee River

This program involves day trips in rafts or inflatable canoes along the Murrumbidgee River to treat the Black Willows not previously removed. inflatables, paddling gear and mapping and treatment toold are provided by Willow Warriors. The black willows being treated were mapped by willowwarriors as part of a willow mapping program which ran between 2006 and 2007 and the goal of the program is to assit the ACT government and Murrumbidgee CMA to control Black Willows in the Murrumbidgee Catchment.

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Great Grose Weed Walk

The GGWW brings together a varied group of volunteers who want to get their hands dirty and remove weeds from the urban interface areas as well as the more wild and remote areas along the Grose River and in Blue Gum Forest. We also give focus to our threatened upland swamps. The volunteers enjoy learning about new plants and animals, bush regeneration techniques, exploring new places and from time to time discovering new weed infestations. They also enjoy the social interaction along with an irresistible morning tea! For more information

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Hawkesbury Estuary - Floating Landcare

There is a great list of fantastic boat access only locations along theHawkesbury River and in the Pittwater that have been nominated and are waiting for visits by enthusiastic Floating Landcare participants.  All locations are largely in need of some bush regeneration to help contain the weeds, stop the spread into good bushland and assist in the sites recovery.  Some spots will also need litter collection, possibly planting and may involve simple flora or fauna surveys. Here is the Current Program


Floating Landcare activities are ideally suited to:

-       Bushcare and Landcare volunteers keen to see a new site and meet other volunteers,

-       Local community members interested in giving it a go,

-       Volunteers from other environmental organisation like Waterwatch, Streamwatch, field naturalist, plant societies to name a few

-       Professional bush regenerators, environmental scientist and educators that are keen to volunteer their time

-       And corporate volunteers


Activities will mostly be held in the morning for 4 to 5 hours including boat travel.  In return for volunteering participants will receive morning tea, a tasty lunch, the loan of tools and gloves, instruction from professionals about bush regeneration, transport by boat to and from the activity location from a meeting point for no charge.   


Here is a podcast from Radio National with Ann Jones


Workers on Water  - Floating Landcare in the Hawkesbury Estuary has been funded by the NSW Environmental Trust, coordinate by Greater Sydney Local Land Sevices in partnership with the Pittwater Council, Hornsby Council, Gosford Council and the local NSW OEH Officers of the National Parks and Wildlife Service. For more information


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Illawarra Intrepid Landcare

A team of adventurous volunteers (late teens to early 30's) meets once a month and travels around assisting a different Landcare / Bushcare group in the Illawarra.

We carry out environmental restoration activities, explore the local area and have fun while we do it!

A couple of times in the year we will venture out of the area and see what's happening in other regions. On these projects we explore what scenic delights that region has to offer, do something fun like kayaking, swimming or bushwalking, and help other environmental groups such as NPWS, private landholders, farmers and other adventure conservation groups carry out environmental projects. Check out our gallery to see what we've been up to over the years.

New members are ALWAYS welcome, and these are some of the things you will get out of joining our projects...

  • Help the environment
  • Great networking opportunities
  • Learn about environmental management issues
  • Help tackle some of the challenges our natural areas are facing
  • Meet new people!
  • Visit some pretty amazing places around the Illawarra and beyond

There are some incredible sites out there that need our help and activities include creek restoration, bushland regeneration, and open space revegetation.

Each Landcare project is topped off with a social event whether it be a game of beach cricket and a swim in warmer months, a BBQ, or a meal and a game of pool at the local. Our overnight projects often involve camping along the banks of a river, visits to swimming holes, cave tours, bushwalks and more!

to read more about upcoming events go to the events page on their web site

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