What is the current known Distribution of Willows in NSW?

In 2006 and 2007 the National willows Taskforce ran a series of willow identification Workshops across Australia to train people working on willow control how to identify the various willow taxa. The workshops also covered topics like willow sawfly and and mapping techinques. At these workshops topographical maps of the region covered by the people attending were laid out for the practioners to mark up the level of infesation of willows along the rivers, wetlands and adjoining catchments. Where possible the practioners also noted the willow taxa involved.

The maps were digitised during 2007 and sent back to the regions for review and then distibuted in the form of an ARCGIS project and a series of maps in pdf files. If you would like a copy of the ArcGIS project files on CD please contact the national willows coordinator via the National Willows Taskforce web site. Looking at these maps there are long sections of river where there are no willows recorded. This refects the lack of data rather than the lack of willows.

This data was collected and practioners trained so they could more accurately identify willows and record their location so that the community could focus resources on the more invasive taxa i.e. those that spread by seed across catchments and so prevent re-infestation of areas cleared of these taxa. One of the goals of the Willow Warriors "Willows out of Our Rivers" project is complete the mapping of willows by taxa on the whitewater rivers of South East of NSW between 2008 and 2010 to fill in the missing data. At the same time we want to treat the black and grey sallow willows and any hybrid seedlings we find along these rivers to prevent the further spread on these most invasive taxa. 


The following are links to the pdf versions of these maps.


The first link is to a 27MB pdf file that will allow you to select which taxa to include on the map you would like to print NSW distribution

The second link is to a 3MB pdf file that just has the 2007 willow taxa mapped without the ability to select specific taxa

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