How do I get involved?

If you would like to volunteer your time to our willow control activities click on the Join Us option on the main menu and we will send you the current activities program. We will add you to our yahoo email list so you will get reminders about upcoming activities.

If you want to participate in the easier one day activities just email the trip leader and ask to be included in the activity.

If you would like to participate in some of the multiday activities or bigger water activities you will first need to;

  •  attend one of the easier one day activities to make sure you are OK with carrying out the willow treatment activities.
  •  attend one of our one day sessions at Penrith whitewater stadium that include whitewater and wilderness awareness training.
  • Then register your interest to participate by email to the trip leader.

The training sessions have limits of 8 and then 16 participants and we like to get close to 8 or 16 to get the best value for our training dollar.


If you are interested in attending an activity please give the trip leader three or four days notice so we can plan the equipment, transport and work to be carried out. We frequently change venues for activities if there is insufficient water to undertake an activity or river levels are adequate to undertake an activity on a high priority section of river.

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