2009-04-11 Manning River between Glory Vale Bretti Mapping willows

Over Easter in 2009 Willow Warriors undertook three activities in the Manning Catchment. On Friday 10 April we helped the landowner near the Barrington bridge by treating all the small willows on his property along 200m of river bank that is being eroded as the older St Johns Willows are getting top heavy and pulling away from the bank when the river floods. On Saturday the 11th we paddled from Glory Vale to Betti mapping willows and also doing paddling instruction with the participants. We stopped mapping at the 5km mark as we were running out of time to complete the trip. On Sunday the 12th April we went to the Barrington River and paddled from Binderra to The Cove for some more training.

 Participants: Sarah Schroeder, Shannon Cornish, Susan and Yant Kong, Greg Ferguson, Elinor Ferguson, Monique Alfris & Jeff Cottrell


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