2011-10-12-14 Rivers Canoe club and other rafters trip on the Snowy river

From 12 – 14 October 2011 tKevein songberg and Tim Sindel from the Rivers Canoe Club of NSW joined experienced whitewater rafters Bruce Baxter, Jack Hodge and a photo journalist to paddle the Snowy River from Maclaughlin R junction to Halfway Flat at The Barry Way.  The group was joined at Duncans firetrail by Jiri and Cat Svec and


Kevin songberg has prepared a report and maps on their observations of willows, blackberries, feral and native animals, debris, Corrowong Falls, and Snowy Falls. It also provides comment and images on recreational value and caution for this section of the river. This contribution is aimed to provide feedback from us as recreational river users to Federal, State, Local and community organisations to assist with restoration and future preservation of the Snowy River.


Link to the report


Link to the maked up Tombong map


Link to the maked up Numbla Vale map


Link to the maked up Suggan Buggan map

Tim sindle also prepared a video of the highlights from the trip

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