2009-04-15to19 Blowering Reservoir map & treat Black Willows

Five day activity with students from Arden Anglican Secondary School who are doing their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. The group of 11 Students, 2 teachers, 2 river guides and the activity coordinator had the goal of mapping the black willows on the northern end of the reservoir and treating any isolated or small clusters of black willows. One the first day they visited Yarrangobilly Caves and did a river walk along the Yarrangobilly River to see some of the area of high conservation value being protected by their work around Blowering Reservoir. On the second day the group then paddled from The Pines camping ground north towards the dam treating black willows as they went. They then crossed over to the western side of the reservoir camping about 3.5km from the dam wall. On the third day the group worked on a cluster of black willows in the morning and then some of the group paddled north along the reservoir treating about 50 black willows and then walking up to the access road to look at the dam whilst some of the group remained at the camp site to work on the cluster. The fourth day the group paddled back to the bank opposite the Pines treated willows as they went and then paddled back across to the Pines Camping ground for the fourth night.

Participants:  Peter Currie, Sarah Elley, Kate Darmody, Craig Davies, Kimberley Edwards, Andrew Fazzone, Emily George, Kris Gilmour, Hannah Goto, Nick Maker, Jacqueline Sear, Hannah Schroeder, Tom Wilson, Darren Tapp, Ryan Butler & Jeff Cottrell

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