2010-09-25 Webbs Creek - Black Willows Mapping paddle

Paddle from Portland Head Park at Wisemans Ferry across the Hawkesbury River and up Webbs Creek to the tidal limit with the incoming tide and then back out with the outgoing tide. There were no black willows in the catchment and I only recorded about 20 other weed sites visible from the water. The paddle on Webbs Creek is highly recommended as the creek is very beautiful particularly in spring with relatively intact riparian vegetation made up of phragmities, paperbarks casuarinas and the low level bridge at the mouth of the river prevents most power boats from getting up the river. There is also a side creek just before the castle mountain bridge on river right which takes you into an enchanted Melaleuca forest. This creek is a real gem. So good I took a photographer back the next day to take photos from one of the double Sea Kayaks whilst I paddled. Here are my photos from the first trip below. The Colo River has high sand stone cliffs, the Gross River has large in stream woody debris holding the banks and river bed in place and Webbs Creek has this fantastic mix of intact riparian vegetation

Participants: Jeff Cottrell & Rosie Cottrell

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