2009-01-07&08 Wolgan River - Barton Creek to Wolgan Colliery Ford Followup Willow Treatment

Follow up of previous crack willow treatment along the lower 500 meters of Barton Creek and then down along the Wolgan River to the Wolgan Colliery ford (Glow Worm tunnel car park) on January 7 & 8 2009, with members of Willow Warriors, Duke of Edinburgh group from MacMasters Beach SLSC.

On the Wednesday we walked along Barton Creek where Friends of the Colo had done the treatment and we needed to re-treat about 10 trees and pull a lot of sprouting willow debris out of the creek. Along the Wolgan River where the contractors had worked we had to re-treat one tree, treat two smaller trees that have grown into view and in one location we had to pull out a lot of debris that had been buried in sand and was growing under a dieing tree.

About 500 meters above the ford the contractors had finished their work and so from there we just treated the willows down to the colliery ford on the right hand bank although on Thursday morning we were joined by the group from MacMaster Beach SLSC and so we also did a few willows on the left hand bank so we could work close to the vehicles

 Participants: Lyn Parker, David Bryant, Jeff cottrell, Graham johnston and Macmasters Beach SLSC DofE group

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