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Hawkesbury Nepean Black Willow


Conservation Objective:

To protect rivers, creeks & swamps in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area (GBMWHA) and wetlands in the Hawkesbury floodplains by removing the remaining black willow trees from along the Hawkesbury Nepean River.

Black willows are a Weed of National Significance They spread by windblown seed up to 60km & a single large tree can produce tens of thousands of seed that spread along rivers & creeks & into wetlands, Black Willows form monocultures, shading out Casuarinas, Bottle Brush, Tea Trees, Sandpaper figs, Lilly Pilli, Phragmities reeds and other native, seed bearing, plants that are the food source of many native birds.

What we do:

Willow Warriors organise a kayak paddles along the Nepean River to poison Black Willows using bioactive glyphosate which is approved for use along waterways by volunteers . Volunteers & parks staff have already removed Black Willows from the Colo & Grose River sub-catchments that flow through the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area . Hawkesbury River County Council, Willow Warriors, Wetlandcare Australia and Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Management Authority are partners in a two year program to remove Black willows from the catchment.


View Black Willows Treated in 2011-13 in a larger map



Activities in addition to conservation volunteering:

The activity involves a 8klm paddle along the Nepean River between Penrith & Windsor topoison the black willows previously mapped & enjoy the native fauna like the Sea Eagle above & learn about the river health.

For more information or register for an activity contact:

Phone: 0418 210 347 Jeff Cottrell

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook: Willow Warriors


Group sizes are limited to 8. No prior experience in willow control or kayaking is required by new volunteers. Participants need to be fit & willing & able to climb around logs on slippery banks in & out of the water to treat the willows.

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View Nepean Willow Monitoring in a larger map



View Nepean Willow Monitoring in a larger map


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