Sydney Harbour

Middle Harbour - Garigal National Park


Conservation Objective:

Bush regeneration volunteers for Garigal National Park have been working in Middle Harbour since 1992. Removing environmental weeds and rubbish along the creek lines to provide much needed riparian habitat. It is a large area with many sites requiring assistance. There is a great variety of weeds ranging from Lantana, Ground Asparagus to woody weeds. Some areas have heavy weed infestations and in others it is a matter of getting in there before it takes over. In Garigal NP there are Endangered Ecological Communities (EEC’s) and populations of rare and threatened plant species. Giving the native plants a chance to reclaim space around the river banks and creeks that are heavily impacted by urban life means we won’t lose it all to weeds and we can enjoy the beauty of the Sydney water ways.


What we do:

As part of our Conservation Kayaking program Willow Warriors will be organising kayak paddles in Middle Harbour to visit sites managed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. We will hand pull, dig out or poison environmental weeds including: Lantana and Asparagus Fern using hand tools and bioactive glyphosate which is approved for use along waterways by volunteers. The kayak paddles to Garigal National Park will start from Davidson Park Boat Ramp with volunteers paddling 3 to 4km to various sites in the National Park to spend about 3 hours removing environmental weeds and then paddle back to Davidson Park exploring the foreshores along the way.

Activities in addition to conservation volunteering:

Paddle in middle harbour exploring the forshores of Garigal National Park in Willow Warriors 4 double kayaks and 4 single kayaks with paddles and pfd’s for volunteers.

Walks in the bushland to find an remove weeds and kayaking in Middle Harbour exploring the foreshores looking for wed sites and maintaining sites cleared of weeds


Group sizes are limited to 12 volunteers using willow warriors kayaks and more where volunteers have their own kayaks.

No prior experience in weed control or kayaking is required by new volunteers. Participants need to be fit & willing & able to climb around rocks on slippery or steep areas to treat the weeds. If you have never removed asparagus fern previously this video link shows how it is done




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