Clyde River

The Clyde River willow mapping and monitoring project is part of the Willows out of Our Rivers project that is mapping willows by taxa across South East NSW to update the data available on willow distribution. However the group that paddled the river between Clyde ridge road and shallow Crossing were able to provide some information to the Milton Landcare Group on the extent of a privet infestation along the river and treat one or two isolated privet plants.

One activity involving four volunteers (46 volunteer hours) to map 22km of the Clyde River between Clyde Ridge Road and Shallow Crossing was undertaken in November 2010 and no willows were found. Whilst doing the paddle we were able to assist the local landcare group "Milton Rural Landcare Group" by confirming that the privet infestation in the valley was mainly limited to the 4.5 kilometres downstream from Brooman.

Here are photos taken on the Clyde River

It is considered unlikely that invasive willows will be found in the catchment but the river between Yadbro and Clyde Ridge Road and between Shallow Crossing and Sea will be paddles during 2011 to confirm this.  We should combine this activity with a work day helping the local landowners control Privet along the river and this would best be done in November when privet is in flower and much easier to see what is other wise excellent native vegetation.

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