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Wingecarribee River

Willow Warriors have two projects on the Wingecaribee river. the first is to help in treating Grey Sallow (wild Pussy willow S. Cinerea) along the river, The second is to help treat Crack Willows in the difficult to access sections of the river and in particular the areas of high conservation value which also have small populations of Crack Willows. We have treated Crack Wllows between Berrima Weir and the Old Hume Highway Bridge and from where the rapids start downstream of Berrima and through Wallaby Rocks.

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Wingecarribee River (Grey Sallow Willows)

The Grey Sallow (Cinerea) project on the Wingecarribee River is based at the Cecil Hoskins conservation reserve were we are helping the National Parks and Wildlife Service control cinerera on the islands in the Bong Bong Reservoir within the reserve. We will also be helping to monitor the galleries treated by contractors to treat any surviving cinerera. The group has also planting native seedlings on two of the islands after treatment was completed

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Wolgan River

Willow Warriors and Friends of the Colo are treating Crack Willows they have mapped in the Wolgan Valley to prevent them from spreading down into the Wollemi Wilderness Area. They have been assisted by conractors funded by the Hawkesbury Nepean CMA and managed by the Lithgow and Oberon Landcare Association (LOLA)

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Wollondilly River

Willow Warriors will be mapping willows by taxa along the Wollondilly River to determine if a control program is require. We have also treated the crack willows betwen the Wingecarribee junction and Goodmans ford where we have landowner consent as they were small in numbers and size and so it was an opertune time to clear them from the river making future monitoring activities rellatively easy

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Yarrangobilly River

Willow Warriors are mapping willows by taxa along the river as part of the Willows out of out Rivers project. We are also monitoring the river for black willows generally and treating all willows found on NPWS Estate.

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