Funding and Sponsors

Willow Warriors is a not for profit volunteer based Landcare group it applies for community funding for projects that require funding. The funding can take the form of supply of glyphosate, logistical support, grant funding. Our current funding bodies and supporters are:

Landcare Australia and Neutrogena® Naturals partnership


Over the last 25 years Landcare Australia (LAL) has developed a niche for brokering partnerships that balance the needs and concerns of corporate, government and community stakeholders while supporting local environmental and agricultural repair projects.  LAL distributes millions of dollars of funding and in-kind support to Landcare groups and farmers each year.  The aim of the Land care Australia and Neutrogena® Naturals partnership is to support Landcare, Coastcare and Beachcare groups working on and along various water ways, including both coastal and river systems to improve water quality. Indicative of an ongoing commitment to the environment, in 2012 Neutrogena® launched the brand new skincare range: Neutrogena® Naturals. Neutrogena® Naturals sees its partnership with Landcare Australia as another way the iconic skincare brand is helping to build a sustainable future.

Australia is home to one of the most diverse and unique coastal marine ecosystems on earth. The temperate east coast of Australia in particular has some of the highest numbers of species found nowhere else in the world. However, human impacts such as climate change, pollution, habitat loss and invasive species severely threaten the future of these ecosystems. Species that form complex habitats (e.g. seaweeds, mussel beds) are important drivers of biodiversity due to the large number of species that they harbour. Up to 90% of all coastal biodiversity in Australia can be found in these habitats. Therefore, the projects funded thru the Landcare Australia and Neutrogena® Naturals partnership, supports vital work in the area of coastal biodiversity conservation and water quality improvement outcomes.

The Neutrogena® Naturals funding aims to regenerate islands within Sydney Harbour by revegetating the riparian ecosystem by removing weeds, increasing natural regeneration within the area and planting a range of native seedlings to help improve the overall water quality. The project will support Willow Warriors and the regular volunteer group and provide tools and resources, volunteer training and support of Willow Warriors to carry out further volunteer activities along the Nepean River. 

Coca Cola Foundation and Landcare Australia



Regenerating waterways through comprehensive actions, the projects funded thru the Coca Cola Foundation and Landcare Australia apply innovative environmental management practices to ensure the cleanup, protection and regeneration of many valuable and threatened waterways across Australia. The Willow Warriors project will allow a sustained focus on a range of issues to support and protect the valuable work already achieved. Key focus areas are weed control and removal to allow water flow and source protection, riverbank cleanup, and planning activities of areas to “restock” native flora to protect sensitive riverbanks from degradation and decrease harmful salination. Coca Cola Foundation with Landcare Australia support watershed projects in a range of aquatic ecosystems and sites across Australia including rivers, streams, swamps, lakes, estuaries, and marine systems. 


Greater Sydney Land Services (GSLS)

formerly (Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Management Authority) provides support in two ways:

The GSLS organizes and pay the premium for all Landcare groups in the Hawkesbury Nepean catchment to support the groups and allow us to focus on on ground work rather than sorting out what insurance we need and who can provide it at the best price.

The GSLS provides small grants to covr group administration costs, funding for specific treatment projects or to help reimbursed volunteers cost for PPE etc


Be Natural has provided a Landcare Grant of $5,000 to supports the groups ongoing black willow control and monitoring program along 15 rivers in the Hawkesbury Nepean, Southern Rivers and Murrumbidgee Catchments that were mapped during the Environmental trust funded program. The Be Natural Landcare grant will support the group by providing funding to purchase glyphosate, replacement mapping and treatment tools and administration costs of the group.

Be Natural Cereal and Snacks partnered with Landcare Australia in late 2010 to support 6 landcare groups across Australia. In 2011 Be Natural increased their support of Landcare Australia by funding 26 exciting projects through the "Be Natural Landcare" open grant round. The aim of the partnership is to take small steps towards making a positive contribution to our natural landscape. The Be Natural Cereal and Snacks team passionately believe that simple natural ingredients are the best. That’s why their food is, where they can, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.
They also believe in time spent outdoors and value the planet as precious. It’s where we all have fun and it’s only natural that we do our part to look after it. But sometimes it’s overwhelming to know where to begin and the team at Be Natural have looked to Landcare Australia to help them take the first small steps to making an on-going difference to our landscape and environment.

The NSW Environemntal Trust has provided  a River restoration project grant of $38,800 over three years.

The project involves:

  • Mapping willows by taxa along whitewater rivers in the south east of NSW.
  • Monitor rivers where willows control activitiies have taken place to aprevent not re-infested by invasive willow taxa
  • An invasive willow control project on the Goobagandra River to restore the habitat of the endangers Tumut Grevillea and Booroolong Frog

For more details about this project and how the data collected will be used please look at the Willows Out of our River (WOR) project page



The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service provide  biactive glyphosate for treatment projects and logistical support for projects on NPWS Estate.





Envirofund have provided two grants to Willows Warriors $5,000 for the treatmet of Black Willows on the Grose River and $12,000 for treatment and removal of Crack Willows on the Goobarragandra River .






Sydney Catchment Authority provided a grant of $8,800 to treat Crack Willows spreading down along the Wingecarribee River .



Australian Department of Agriculture provided a Defeating the Weeds Menace funding grant to the Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Coordinating Committee to provide funds for Willow Warriors to map willows by Taxa along the Murrumbidgee River between Cooma and Lake Burrinjuck.

In addition to the private landowners in the catchments within which we assist with Willow control we have the following organisation are also stakeholders in our projects in their catchments

  • Macmasters Beach Surf Life Saving Club
  • Hawkesbury River County Council
  • Hawkesbury City Council
  • Blue Mountains City Council
  • Tumut Shire Council
  • Wingecarribee Shire Council
  • Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Co-ordinating Committee
  • Upper Murrumbidgee Landcare Committee
  • The National Willows Taskforce
  • Sydney Catchment Authority
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • Hawkesbury Nepean CMA
  • Department of Lands


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