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Who are Willow Warriors & what do we do?

Willow Warriors is one of Friends of the Colo's projects and is part of the adventure conservation network. Friends of the Colo was formed in 2000 and incorporated in 2001 to control weeds impacting on the Wollemi National Park and the Colo Catchment in and around the Greater Blue Mountains world Heritage Area.

Our volunteers seek to combine the excitement of bush walking, white-water rafting, flat water kayaking and having fun in the outdoors with Landcare conservation activities which help both private landowners and public land managers look after the natural values of their land.

The Willow Warriors activities current activities fall into 4 categories:

  • In the Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment where black willows are a noxious weed we are paddling all of the rivers in our kayaks and rafts and inspecting wetlands to map and, where we  have landowner consent, treat Black Willows in a broad scale program to eradicate Black Willows from the catchment. We also paddle rivers where black willows have been removed in the past to treat any growing into view
  • Across south east NSW, we paddle rivers and lakes in rafts or kayaks to map and, here we  have landowner consent and resources, treat invasive willows to prevent them spreading into National Parks and other areas of high conservation value. Where we map large infestations of seeding willows we report them to the regional weed committee, public land owner and Local Land Services staff to take action, and after the primary control has been completed assist with ongoing monitoring
  • We run joint activities with local Landcare groups or National Parks offices where we paddle rivers and lakes  and stop to assist the local Landcare group with weed mapping and followup treatment of  environmental weeds in areas of high conservation value.
  • In the Greater Sydney Region we also run conservation kayaking trips combined with weed control activities generally on National Park estate to help introduce new volunteers to Landcare.


 Our activities

  • Include Kayaking on flat water sections of rivers, lakes, estuaries and wetlands and whitewater rafting and pack rafting on higher grade rivers. We specialise in volunteering in difficult to access river reaches in national parks and wilderness areas although we also paddle on rivers flowing through privately owned property. This allows us to map and treat willows without inconveniencing landowners and land managers.
  • Include one day activities, car camping weekends, and remote area over-night and multi-day trips.
  • Help young people interested in conservation voluntering get involved amd gain experience though helping other Landcare groups with their projects

These activities combine outdoor activities with river restoration by:

  • Map the location and numbers of invasive willows and other invasive species along the river or wetland.
  • Treat the invasive willows and other weeds where we have permission.
  • Assist with re-vegetation of weed sites.
  • Follow up and monitor sections of rivers where willow or other environmental weed control has taken place.
  • arranging paddles with young landcarers to sites where they can help other landcare groups or landowners with their projects.

See the group on ABC Landline through Iview when we paddled the Hawkesbury Source to Sea journey in 2011

Where do we paddle and volunteer?

Our volunteers currently come from across south east NSW and the ACT to attend activities on whitewater rivers across the Hawkesbury Nepean, Southern Rivers Murrumbidgee and Murray Catchment Regions. Our Activity Photos page has a comprehensive lists of waterways they we paddle. 

Here are some placestories (slideshows with a narration) about the Willows Out of our rivers Program and the rivers we paddle to protect.

Here is a link to our Utube channel

Would you like to know more?

On this site you can see information about Willow Warriors, summaries of our projects, photos from our activities and the calendar of our activities.

Answers to the questions you might have about the group , our projects and activities can be found on the frequently asked questions page .
If you would like to get involved contact us to join our group and register for an activity.

Or follow us on Facebook by clicking on this link
Or ask to join our yahoo email group

We also have a twitter account willow_warrior but we are can not fit the amount of fun we have into 140characters

Willow Warriors projects to protect the environment and specifically our water ways have several corporate and government agencies funding our various projects.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: We are committed to protecting your privacy and will hold your contact details on our database to periodically send you newsletters regarding our activities. Please be assured that the information you provide will not be distributed and you will not receive any unsolicited mail. Your details will be kept confidential. If, in the future, you do not wish to receive information from Willow Warriors Inc. please advise us and we will remove your contact details from our database

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